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L I L L + S P A R L A Landschaftsarchitekten Partnerschaft mbB

Wolfgang Friedrich, Jutta Wakob, Heinrich Sparla

Dillenburger Straße 71
51105 Köln

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For almost four decades, LILL + SPARLA has been developing living spaces in productive dialogue with clients and future users.
Technically experienced, reliable and cost-conscious, discreetly objective, with an eye on the current living conditions of users and city dwellers, because planning always involves a living space that is part of socialisation at the place of living and working.

In public space, open space planning is also urban planning, functionally embedded in urban processes. It is infrastructure, route- and use-economical. Sparsely placed furnishings provide occasions and amenities, they support the legibility of the urban fabric. They are sustainable and capable of aging, and can also be experimental without becoming adventurous.

In private gardens, character, personality, and inclinations are realized, and their forms of expression are developed and cultivated together with the clients to create places that are open to the vicissitudes of life, but can also be contemplative, poetically playful - for time, leisure, for the rhythm of nature.

Outdoor spaces in housing are even more obviously a piece of the environment under discussion, reflecting the living conditions of residents, facilitating their daily lives, and promoting an environment focused on neighborhood formation and community. These open spaces are compensatory in the best sense.


Marco Balsbering, Joline Bongartz, Inzamam Chowdhury, Tilman Fuchs, Eva Georgieva, Julia Herbeck, Loda Ismail, Martina Jäke, Verena Kussmann, Krzysztof Nowak, Robert Rabek, Barbara Schaar, Dagmar Schneider, Alina Siekarski, Karin Steinhoff, Susanne Teuns, Stefan Wenger, Markus Wohlrab, Anne Zander