Landschaftsarchitekturbüro Hoff


Landschaftsarchitekturbüro Hoff

Martina Hoff

Augenerstraße 45
45276 Essen

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0201/ 280 31- 3
Fax ()  0201 / 280 31- 40

The Hoff Landscape Architecture Office is characterised by the fun of planning, a cheerful belief in making a difference and taking pleasure in interesting tasks. Martina Hoff has been working with her team as an independent landscape architect in Essen for more than twenty years.
In the field of open space planning, projects are mainly realised in public areas such as parks, pedestrian zones, schools, kindergartens and playgrounds. Within landscape planning, nature experience projects, landscape conservation plans, concepts for visitor guidance and nature park plans are developed. Experience from the various funding programmes enables targeted project development.

A unifying element within these different areas of work is the moderated involvement of stakeholders and user groups in the planning and implementation process. Accordingly, methods from communication work and environmental education flow into the project development. It concerns thereby the acceptance of all those, which have a say, the acceptance with administrative bodies, permission authorities, politics, investors and around the acceptance with the humans concerned of each age.

The office team forms engineers and engineer inside of the landscape architecture, the spatial planning and a biologist. A cross-sectional work is also guaranteed by the close cooperation with experts from different disciplines (tourism, architecture, graphics, water management, climate, ...). Their different training, experience and interests enable a competent and committed project management. The integrated approach enables "planning from one source" even for complex and interdisciplinary projects with a responsible contact person and low coordination effort for the client.


Martina Hoff, Claudia Schnieder, Nina Stirnberg, Christopher Knopp, Katrin Lakenbrink, Marie Mayer, Julia Tapper, Anna Weiland, Lukas Horstmann, Sabine Grewe, Antje Benemann, Stefanie Jaß, Lucyna Geschlecht