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Cornelia Biegert Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

Friedhofstraße 45
74177 Bad Friedrichshall

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Tel. (07136)  970165
Fax (07136)  970164

"The garden of paradise is not entered with the feet, but with the heart."
Bernard of Clairvaux (1091 - 1153), French Cistercian abbot and theologian
Whether for private clients, public agencies, special-purpose associations, companies and colleagues:
We develop and realize green visions for small places and large landscapes. Our wide range of services extends from private garden planning to object planning and landscape planning. The close, cooperative collaboration with architects, interdisciplinary partners and our first-class office equipment make us a successful partner for your green project. In doing so, our concepts follow a straight path:

_ User-oriented design for individual solutions
_ Clear and simple design language, reduction to the essentials
_ Planting and maintenance concepts for permanent facilities
_ Design of small spaces through professional room structuring

Object planning
_ Street spaces and pedestrian zones
_ Parks and squares
_ Schools and kindergartens
_ Sports and playgrounds
_ Friedfields for individual solutions
_ Design of public spaces

Sports grounds and playgrounds

Sports facilities and playgrounds
_ Cemeteries and memorials

Landscape planning
_ Planning of new development areas and other serious landscape interventions
_ Preparation of green space plans

_ Development of accompanying landscape plans


2008 BDA Award of Good Buildings - Adult Education Centre Neckarsulm
2014 Hugo Häring Award - Leingarten Town Hall
2014 Hugo Häring Award - Heilbronn Bank House
2015 Exemplary Building District and City of Heilbronn 2010-2015 - Leingarten Town Hall Square
2015 Exemplary Building District and City of Heilbronn 2010-2015 - Square at the Bollwerk Tower Heilbronn.