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The Bosch
Since the foundation of our company in 1986, we have constantly expanded and developed our range of tasks and our customer base. We give impulses and have the competence and perseverance to face new and difficult challenges. Today, we are able to offer you process-reliable, demand-oriented and timely solutions in our business areas of planning, consulting and research.
Under the leadership of Mr. Klaus Müller-Pfannenstiel, Mr. Jörg Borkenhagen, Dr. Dieter Günnewig, Ms. Konstanze Schönthaler and Dr. Wolfgang Peters, a team of landscape planners, landscape architects, biologists, engineers and geographers provides planning, consulting and research services throughout Germany. We work in our areas of work and projects in cross-location cooperation and see ourselves as a team.
We supplement our in-house competencies with specialists from a permanent base of network partners as needed.
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