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pro garten Landschaftsarchitekten Bresser Jablonka PartGmbB

Dipl. Ing. Jörg Bresser, Dipl. Ing. Kerstin Jablonka

Hohenfriedbergstraße 3
10829 Berlin

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Contact information

Tel. (030)  214 58 991
Fax (030)  214 58 992

pro garten plans public and private green spaces. The range extends from playground, schoolyard, residential environment measures, the creation of public squares and parks to the creation of home gardens. The projects are worked on in the office from design to construction supervision.

Working method
The framework for the design is formed from the analysis of the specific usage requirements, the exploration of the site-typical features and a defining idea for the site. In doing so, it is a concern to involve the stakeholders in the further planning and construction process as well. Active participation in the project creates user accountability, which is crucial for the sustainable existence of the facilities.

The office owners combine many years of experience in design and implementation planning with an eye for the place and an ear for the demands of residents, users and project partners.
Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of materials and plants, the combination of technical feasibility and design quality, as well as their knowledge of construction processes, pro garten can guarantee comprehensive project management from design implementation to construction supervision and cost control.

Partners & Network

Dipl. Ing. Jörg Bresser
Mitglied im BDLA
Sachverständiger für Garten- und Landschaftsbau
zertifiziert durch FH Osnabrück / IFBau Stuttgart

Dipl. Ing. Kerstin Jablonka
Mitglied in der Architektenkammer Berlin