Burkhard Sandler Landschaftsarchitekten We create quality of life by designing sustainable living spaces.

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Burkhard Sandler Landschaftsarchitekten Partnerschaft BDLA

Christian Burkhard, Oliver Sandler

Weiherstraße 1a
79801 Hohentengen a. H.

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Tel. (07742)  91494
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Burkhard Sandler Landscape Architects developed from years of successful collaboration between Christian Burkhard in Hohentengen am Hochrhein and Oliver Sandler in Villingen. With a lot of heart and soul and commitment we accompany projects of landscape architecture and landscape planning from the beginning to the end.
Mission statement

As a team with the client and our employees, we aim to enhance the quality of life with sustainably attractive outdoor spaces that convey a special atmosphere.
We pursue this goal as a reliable partner with full commitment and a lot of heart and soul.
Complex issues are a challenge for us, which we gladly take on.
We solve them through networked thinking and structured procedures, preferably in interdisciplinary teams.
Our work is characterized by mutual appreciation and cooperative collaboration across professional disciplines. We also expect this from our partners.
Our way of working is characterized by entrepreneurial thinking and quick comprehension.
The adherence to deadlines and costs are as self-evident for us as the consistent implementation of a design idea.
We determine the basics thoroughly and solidly.
We see the involvement of the users as an asset.
In the design we weigh up, compare and question different approaches.
We are confident in the use of plants and materials, are always open to new ideas and naturally fall back on tried and tested.
We accompany the execution and billing competently, safely and reliably comprehensible.


Anika Binder, Stefanie Alber, Le Trang Nguyen, Judith Genter, Lea Kästel