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Dörflinger, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Ulrike

Düsseldorfer Straße 40
65760 Eschborn

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Founded in 1956 by Heinz Hermann Eckebrecht (1929-2010), the office quickly developed into a sought-after partner for the design of home gardens, open spaces in housing and schools.
Planning and development qualities soon led to increased participation in invited competitions. This led to larger tasks such as the planning of leisure parks, garden shows or outdoor facilities for representative administrative buildings. Since the 60s, the mining and recultivation planning also became part of the service.
In 2010, Ulrike Dörflinger, who has been working in the office since 1990 and previously worked as a special representative for the Federal Garden Show Frankfurt a.M., took over the management of the landscape architecture office in the second generation.
Landscape architecture - the synthesis of grown and designed landscape
Functional - atmospheric - emotional: From the wishes and requirements of our customers, we develop creative, sustainable and economical solutions for the design of gardens and landscapes.

Our services range from the planning and realization of private home gardens to the realization of
inner-city open spaces,
parks and recreational facilities with diverse ecological and social functions and
open spaces of administrative buildings and service facilities
to the
restoration and further development of garden monuments
as well as
We supervise projects from the initial concept to completion.

Combining functionality with aesthetics
In our designs, we combine an appealing ambience with the necessary functionality.
In all tasks, artistic or technical, we feel equally committed to design and functional quality.