Gutmann Buchmann Landschaftsarchitekten Bathseba Gutmann and Christina Buchmann

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Gutmann Buchmann Landschaftsarchitekten PartGmbB

Bathseba Gutmann, Christina Buchmann

Stohren 7
79244 Münstertal

Contact information

Tel. (07602)  920 82 29
Fax (07602)  1327

We want to create outdoor spaces in which people can live and feel comfortable.

The focus of our work is the development of fresh, innovative ideas and sensitive solutions for the large and small tasks of landscape architecture, their implementation in clear designs, further development and supervision of the construction project until its completion.

The demands of the client and the users have the highest priority, of course in conjunction with ecological and economic aspects.
Our goal is to be available to clients and their representatives as reliable, flexible and creative contact persons and planners for all questions of landscape architecture.
The range of our services extends from the planning of public squares, parks, cemeteries and playgrounds to outdoor facilities for commercial buildings, private gardens and recultivation measures as well as participation in development planning and the implementation of participation procedures.


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