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Hunck+Lorenz Freiraumplanung Landschaftsarchitekten bdla Partnerschaft mbB

Andreas Hunck, Heike Lorenz

Ehrenbergstraße 59
22767 Hamburg

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Tel. (040)  558930370
Fax (040)  558930390

Hunck Lorenz Freiraumplanung, that's Andreas Hunck and Heike Lorenz with a team of currently 16 employees.

Based in Hamburg-Altona, we have been designing, planning and realizing a wide variety of open space planning tasks since 2004. Our wealth of experience ranges from private gardens and outdoor facilities for residential and commercial buildings to schoolyards, daycare centers, hospitals, care facilities and public spaces.

Successful open space planning is the result of many hands and minds. We therefore see integrative, early collaboration with all those involved in the construction, from clients, architects and specialist engineers to authorities and contractors, as an essential part of our work.

Our aim is to create open spaces that are appropriate to the location and uses, that are appealing in terms of design, economically viable and ecologically justifiable.


Alina Brackmann, Andreas Hunck, Annie Bodil von Hollen, Annette Aue, Christiane Wetter, Eva-Maria Gleitze, Felix Wussow, Gerti Gogu, Heike Lorenz, Jonah Korte, Linan Sun, Linda Gebhard, Maren Mirecki, Meng Lu, Michael Döring, Sebastian Raddatz, Sönke Pleß, Xinyue Wang