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LAND Germany GmbH

Dott. Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Kipar

Birkenstraße 47a
40233 Düsseldorf

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Tel. (0211)  2394780

LAND is an international landscape consultancy with offices in Italy, Switzerland and Germany and with high-profile projects throughout Europe, Canada, Middle East and Russia. Andreas Kipar and a team of more than 100 landscape architects, architects, urban planners, agronomists, engineers & researchers have been transforming regions, cities and places since 1990.

LAND’s consulting and design practice aims to improve people’s well-being through the implementation of climate-positive solutions and participative processes that lead to sustainable development. We advise public and private clients on how to innovate with nature by applying international policies and promoting collaborative planning procedures. Together with our clients and our extensive network of partners, we unlock the potential of our societies’ green transition.

Main projects include: Green Rays strategy, Porta Nuova and the re-development of the former EXPO site MIND in Milan; Urban Open Space Strategy and Krupp Park, comprising ThyssenKrupp HQ, and the Freiheit Emscher in Essen; Ruhr Regional Green Infrastructure Strategy; the renaturation of the Airolo valley and Cassarate River Park in Switzerland; Zuglo District Budapest; Moscow Smart City in Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye; Saint-Laurent biodiversity Corridor in Montreal; Urubah Park in Riyad and the Dubai EXPO 2020 in the UAE; the German Pavilion at the EXPO Beijing 2019; the research and innovation projects UNaLab and T-Factor funded by the European Commission.

LAND’s work has been recognized through over 17 prestigious international awards, amongst them Premio Mercurio, MIPIM, Wan Awards, Biennale Pisa, Passive and Low Energy Architecture Award (PLEA).


Kipar, Andreas
Hoffmann, Jens
Gombert, Susanne
Ingmanns, Roxanne
Lagzdins, Jonas
Heinbach, Renate
Birardi, Gisella
Busse, Norbert
Calaminus-Tölle, Nadine
Eck, Nadja
Großklaus, Laurent
Hegermann, Simone
Kaufhold, Melanie
Personé, Alberto
Schierz, Leonard
Steigenberger, Kornelia
Tamarov, Vadim
Van der Woude, Mark