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Landschaftsarchitektur und Umweltplanung Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Kohl, BDLA

Gerhard Kohl

Hainholzweg 11
37085 Göttingen

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Tel. (0551)  487799
Fax (0551)  5311559

With our work we would like to bring people in the most diverse areas of life - in the city, at work, in the residential environment, in the open landscape - the nature again a little closer and thus provide for more quality of life. We see ourselves as advisors and companions of your projects and would like to sharpen the consciousness of humans for the landscape, in which they live.
As landscape architects and landscape planners we analyze, evaluate and form the environment. It is natural for us to combine aesthetic, functional and ecological aspects in our designs in such a way that we realize future-proof open spaces for you.
From the design of your private garden to the open space conception of entire residential quarters, from landscape conservation plans to environmental assessments - a dedicated team of highly qualified planners and engineers looks forward to new challenges.


Roldand Beuse, Anna-Maria Folchert, Nadine Heß, Vera Kaul, Julian Priesnitz, Maximilian Rother

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