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Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

Jochen Koeber, Christoph Haug, Jens Schmitt

Azenbergstraße 31
70174 Stuttgart

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Tel. (0711)  35145990
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Landscape architecture in urban space means making the characteristics of a place perceptible to passers-by, visitors and residents in a sensual way: To build a bridge between topographical peculiarity, historical semantics, current tasks and the search for spatial experience.
Based on this understanding, the works of Koeber Landscape Architecture speak a clear, sensual - sober language. They devote their aesthetic attention to reduction and allow landscapes, gardens and outdoor facilities to become places of communicative encounter as well as places of inspiring relaxation: sometimes empathetic and colourful, sometimes austere and minimalistically sparse.
Thus, in close dialogue with planners and clients, spaces of intense impact and great presence are created, inviting one to pause for a moment in the midst of everyday life to enjoy serenity, self-evidence, peace and balance.


Nina Popp, Andreas Schübl, Tobias Müller, Franziska Bräuninger, Christopher Bölz, Max Alber, Christoph Schlotz, Luc Schüller, Kevin Bohl, Moritz Ihling, Lara Bothur, Mona Jedamzik, Silke Lindemann, Beatrix Hörlein, Sylvia Högerle