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Lohaus · Carl · Köhlmos PartGmbB Landschaftsarchitekten · Stadtplaner

Prof. Irene Lohaus, Peter Carl, Thomas Köhlmos

Lister Meile 33
30161 Hannover

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Tel. (0511)  33654960
Fax (0511)  33654961


The office Lohaus - Carl - Köhlmos was founded in 1996 as Irene Lohaus Peter Carl Landschaftsarchitektur. Today, a team of landscape architects and architects in Hanover and Dresden oversees projects nationwide with a focus on the design of public spaces such as inner city designs, squares, pedestrian zones and street spaces, promenades, parks, landscape sections. Special attention is paid to barrier-free design, often in combination with participation procedures.
In addition, the office plans outdoor facilities in residential areas and of buildings, especially educational institutions such as daycare centers, schools and universities.

Spectrum of services:
Project planning / competitions for:
Places Pedestrian zones Street spaces
Parks Landscape sections
Residential areas
Exterior facilities of schools / daycare centers / playgrounds / baths
Exterior facilities of office buildings / shopping centers / clinics /
Universities / cultural institutions
Home gardens

Appraisals / Participations:
city centre concepts / spatial design concepts
design statutes
participation procedures
planning workshops / workshops
master plans / green space plans
urban planning / landscape planning framework plans /
landscape planning expert opinions
design consulting for traffic facilities and
engineering structures
tourist development concepts

in addition:
committee work and teaching
award judge activity


Laura Bartsch, Dennis Berndt, Maximilian Bissa-Dawid, Annette Boock, Robert Brandt, Daniel Deubner, Talika Glose, Frieda Heinsdorf, Melina Keller, Yoann Munier, Joshua Opitz, Lenka Podoláková, Wen Qin, Tobias Scholz, Lisa Schröder, Leonhard Seifert, Jonathan Sironi, Thomas Steinborn, Roswitha Völker, Konstanze Welke, Tina Wiese

Prof. Irene Lohaus, Peter Carl, Thomas Köhlmos