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LandschaftsArchitekturbüro Georg von Luckwald

Georg von Luckwald, Landschaftsarchitekt & Stadtplaner Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Gut Helpensen 5
31787 Hameln

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Tel. (05151)  67464
Fax (05151)  61589

For over 30 years, the LandschaftsArchitekturbüro Georg von Luckwald - Hameln has been a reliable partner for all environmental planning requirements in northern Germany. In more than 800 projects, our clients have been able to convince themselves of our professional competence and performance.

Our understanding of planning includes a qualified analysis of project-specific planning principles, the creation of cross-sectional and implementation-oriented planning concepts "from a single source" as well as cooperative collaboration with clients and all other stakeholders.

The special performance of our office is based on the interdisciplinary expertise of our employees. Our team of landscape architects, urban planners and engineers is able to cover the entire spectrum of planning services from landscape and environmental planning, nature and species conservation, urban land use planning, open space and object planning to water management and civil engineering as well as raw material extraction. We handle the implementation of open spaces, engineering structures and traffic facilities in all phases - from planning to tendering to construction management.

This cross-sectional approach guarantees detailed planning that proves itself in implementation. For interdisciplinary projects, we use a network of experts in the form of working groups that have been successfully practicing for many years. Current conflict topics such as species protection, noise protection and odour, soil protection, climate protection, etc. are handled routinely and with legal certainty.

Focal points of urban land use planning
Amendment and new preparation of land use plans and development plans, project-related development plan, project and development plan (VEP), environmental assessment / environmental reports, digital land use plan (conversion / new preparation), development plan cadastre, ...

Focal points of landscape and environmental planning
Environmental impact studies (UVS), UVP report, FFH compatibility studies (FFH-VU and SPA-VU), damage limitation, ... SPA-VU), damage limitation measures / SB measures FFH, landscape conservation plans (LBP) and implementation plans (LAP), compensation area pool / compensation area pool / eco-account, ...

Focal points of nature and species protection
Floristic and faunistic mapping (vegetation survey, breeding birds, resting birds, bats, amphibians, reptiles, grasshoppers, hamsters, etc.), biotope type mapping, recording of protected biotopes / landscape components / FFH habitat types, special species protection assessment (sAP or ASP), action area analyses, habitat structure models, impact compensation balancing, ...

Focal points of open space and object planning
Outdoor facilities for industry and commerce, green corridors and green spaces within the city, roadside green spaces, garden monument preservation (inventory, historical analysis, park maintenance works), design and implementation of compensatory measures, ...

Focal points of traffic facilities
Development concepts, planning approval procedures / B-plan replacing planning approval, new road construction (construction roads, final development), construction of parking spaces / parking lot facilities, ...

Focal points of water management
Drainage concepts, stormwater management, stormwater retention basins, flood protection concepts, technical contribution to water law review (WFD), channel planning (stormwater / wastewater), watercourse renaturation, watercourse vitalization, water law permit and approval applications for discharges and watercourse development, ...

Focal points of environmental construction supervision
Environmental construction supervision (UBB) or ecological construction supervision (öBB), soil monitoring (BBB), CEF- and FCS-measures, coherence measures, deterrence, monitoring, documentation and preservation of evidence, ...

Focal points of raw material extraction
Preparation and supervision of soil extraction projects, excavation, backfilling, recultivation and renaturation planning, permit applications according to BImSchG, operating plan procedures according to mining law (BBergG), ...

Focal points of renewable energies
Wind energy concepts, concentration zones in the F-Plan, wind energy sensitive bird species, project coordination for wind energy, biogas and photovoltaic plants,...

Focal points of project management
Procedural / project management, feasibility studies, site comparisons, logistics concepts, central clinics, regional planning procedures, expert opinion coordination, permit, property and contract management, land acquisition negotiations, land management, building application for excavations / order / landscape structures, digital query systems, ...


Georg von Luckwald, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Landespflege, Landschaftsarchitekt u. Stadtplaner
Gerd Borstelmann, Dipl.-Ing. Landschaftsarchitekt
Christiane Delius
Luise Hans, M. Sc. Umweltplanung
Marius Henke, M. Sc. (Fachrichtung) Landschaftsarchitektur
Hermann Müller, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Landschaftsarchitekt
Georg Seibert, Dipl.-Ing. Landschaftsarchitekt u. Stadtplaner
Esther Tewes, M. Sc. (Fachrichtung) Landschaftsarchitektur
Silke Uelzmann, Dipl.-Ing. Landschaftsarchitektin
Christian Voigt, Dipl.-Ing. Landschafts- und Freiraumplanung
Annette von Luckwald
Nicole Weber, M. Sc. Umweltplanung