plandrei Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

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plandrei Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

Stefan Dittrich, Matthias Luz

Hochheimer Straße 58
99084 Erfurt

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Tel. (0361)  6011970
Fax (0361)  6011977

The office for landscape architecture was founded in 1999 by Matthias Luz and Stefan Dittrich. The main tasks are landscape architectural realizations and design work. Thereby the projects show a wide spectrum in type, character and dimension. Public, urban squares and parks are just as much a part of this as residential environment planning, commercial facilities, kindergartens and schools, right up to private gardens. We cultivate interdisciplinary dialogue. Collaboration with architects, specialist planners and artists is part of our daily work. During the technical development concrete solutions mature and knowledge manifests itself. The design conception of our office arises from the conviction that every place in this world has its own specific effect. Connecting history and future - man and nature. Always in the context of the surroundings, of the use - of life. As a consequence of this view, the design idea is essentially based on the concepts of clarity, reduction as well as a special reference to the existing environment. Perceptible space as such thus becomes the main characteristic of the design.


Antje Vollrath, Julia Luz, Götz Prigge, Pascal Fiedler, Steffen Wengemuth, Cordula Wengemuth