MERA Landscape architecture for people and space

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Nils Krieger Johannes Hügle

Friesenweg 20
22763 Hamburg

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Tel. (040)  85187530

At MERA, we are convinced that people need diverse, exciting, high-quality, multifunctional open spaces in which different needs and demands can develop and meet.

The demands on urban spaces in particular are increasing and changing in times of social change. As a planning office, we want to provide new answers. By bringing together and further developing current impulses from research and practice.

MERA should become a space of opportunity for us and our partners, customers and society. Through inspiring exchange, intensive dialog and controversial discussions.

Our positions for a new quality in landscape architecture:

1. puts people at the center and not the spectacle

2. turns open spaces into places of social interaction

3. understand the users of a space before you plan it

4. think holistically and not in terms of special topics

5. do not follow a supposedly contemporary design language