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Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla

Wolfram O. Munder und Katharina Marie Erzepky

Leverkusenstraße 18
22761 Hamburg

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Tel. (040)  8515 0880
Fax (040)  8515 0888


"Head in the clouds - feet on the ground!" This approach to thinking and working characterizes our planning office with a history of over 20 years. And means that our imagination stands on the solid ground of our structural engineering experience and long-standing professional partners.

Our highly skilled team thinks imaginatively and big picture about open spaces and landscapes of all kinds, but has the maintenance, longevity and green space management aspect in mind from the start.

Structured and open communication between all parties involved in the project is our key to a clear understanding and the resulting satisfaction of the client, the planners, the companies carrying out the work and, above all, the people who will use the spaces.


Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten bdla operate from the control centres in Hamburg and Bochum and are correspondingly networked nationwide. Open space projects of all kinds in the performance phases 1-9 are designed, managed and executed.

Our integrated department and specialist company "Büro für Grünflächenmanagement" (Office for Green Space Management) takes a close look at the functions of the outdoor space on the basis of maintenance plans drawn up. We analyze the weak points of existing facilities, perform the professional control of the maintenance concept and initiate the upcoming continuous measures. Regular appraisals anticipate improvements and plan repairs.


We design with passion and a horticultural heart. We cast wild ideas into a usable form with perseverance of comprehensive and diverse professional experience of the team. Because outdoor facilities, open spaces or green areas must function above all.

Our modern communication management through virtual platforms, clearly organized responsibilities and processes creates scope for your own work workflow. The ongoing qualification of all employees through internal and external training, conference attendance,
association activities and networking within the industry is essential for us and leads us constantly forward.


- Parks and green areas
- Squares, promenades and pedestrian zones
- Schoolyard construction
- Sports facilities and sports fields
- Playgrounds and play areas
- Open spaces for business and public facilities
- Traffic facilities
- Home gardens
- Roof, facade and interior greening.


Philipp Friedl, Cornelia Stoffregen, Jane Heidemann, Martin Ahlers, Tanja Klapproth, Anabel Stevanovic, Johanna Bauer, Yirong Pan, Sibel Ünlü, Carla Sieweke

Partners & Network

Heike Baumann - freie Mitarbeiterin, Maria Knoll - freie Mitarbeiterin, Berit Lembke - freie Mitarbeiterin