Müller Monika, Freie Landschaftsarchitektin BDLA Dipl.-Ing.(FH),

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Monika Müller Freie Landschaftsarchitektin BDLA

Monika Müller

Walchstadterstr. 54
82057 Icking

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Tel. (08178)  99862-5
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In the foreground of my work are the perspectives and wishes of the client. I relate these to the potentials and particularities of the site. My goal is to create aesthetic and functional spaces that open up as much room for manoeuvre as possible for the future users. Special attention is paid to the economic, functional and temporal framework conditions of the project.
On the one hand, the focus of the planning is on the formation of space. For me, this means playing with all dimensions of space in the creative process: Far and near, spatial depth of view axes and the game with the heights.
As a landscape architectural core competence, I also see the exact to the project coordinated use of plants. That is, I choose plants that fit very precisely to the site conditions and so can develop there healthy in the long term. In this way, I am able to offer a solution that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also financially viable in the long term, enabling sustainable development.
The success of my projects is based on the fact that the overall concept is ultimately reflected in the lovingly designed detail.
I offer a creative and professional collaboration with my clients, planning partners and contractors. It is based on a strong solution-oriented exchange at eye level. Interdisciplinary work, as well as working in a network with colleagues is a matter of course for me.
My work focuses on the object planning for outdoor facilities. I take over all service phases of the HOAI. They cover the entire spectrum of social and functional requirements of the different objects: Apartment buildings, company buildings, commercial buildings, schools and kindergartens, urban green spaces, as well as representative private open spaces and home gardens.
My range of services also includes the urban development of green spaces in the context of urban land use planning, taking into account all tasks arising from nature conservation law and the Building Code (impact and compensation assessment, environmental report).

1987 - 89 Commercial training;
8 years working in gardening and landscaping;
1999 Dip. Ing. (FH) landscape architecture, Weihenstephan; foundation of a GBR with the landscape architecture office LA Klaus Wittke;
2002 entry into the Chamber of Architects and the Association of German Landscape Architects;
since 2002 takeover of the GBR and continuation of the office as LA Monika Müller

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