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Kurt Rau

Stauferstraße 39
88214 Ravensburg

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Contact information

Tel. (0751)  255 13
Fax (0751)  255 14


Fields of activity:
- Open space and landscape planning
- Expert witness
- Competition supervision

Additional qualifications:
- publicly appointed and sworn expert for gardening and landscaping - production and maintenance as well as for tree care, traffic safety of trees and tree valuation
- inspection of trees for traffic safety by tree inspectors certified according to FLL guideline
- planning and implementation of eco-account measures (according to §11 eco-account ordinance (ÖKVO) - certified by the state of Baden-Württemberg)
- lecturing activities at the Institute for Further Education in Construction of the Chamber of Architects of Baden-Württemberg.


Konstanze Rau
Annerose Gietl
Ulrike Busse
Heide Wagner
Cornelia Elflein

Partners & Network

Wilfried Löderbusch
Dipl.-Biologe und Naturfotograf
88677 Markdorf

Thomas Stumper
Freier Architekt BDA
88212 Ravensburg