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ter Balk Landschaftsarchitektur BDLA

Stresemannstraße 6
23564 Lübeck

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A careful analysis of the site in its landscape and urban context provides initial inspiration for the design. This makes it possible to develop a suitable solution for the respective building task and to optimally integrate the project into the specific situation on site. In this way, high-quality open spaces are created within an exciting dialogue with the house, with the group of buildings or with the surroundings of the town square, the park, etc.

The joy of realizing smart and at the same time cost-effective projects together with the client determines our working style. In doing so, we are particularly attracted to the new, sometimes tricky, in order to find striking, tailor-made solutions and create places with a special atmosphere.
When creating charming outdoor spaces, we use the magic box of garden architecture with its many possibilities. For green spaces outdoors. For spaces that are shaped with wood, metal and stone materials and that blossom above all through perennials, grasses and trees. All this happens in the play of light and shade, with views and overviews, with sheltered places and open sections in the rhythm of the four seasons, which are staged by a sequence of finely selected leaf and flower colours.

This makes it possible to design places, gardens, parks that have a special charisma and appeal. And also such, which serve above all the everyday use, which are colorful, robust and well usable.

The solid, technically clean and at the same time on schedule project processing can be taken for granted by the clients. An essential characteristic of our daily work is the realization of the building projects within the given budget. The early interdisciplinary cooperation, especially with architects, urban planners, engineers and biologists, is a proven planning practice and leads to the best results on a broad basis.

The range of tasks of the office is supplemented by the judging activity in competitions. In addition, the processing of landscape conservation plans as well as environmental reports within the framework of the preparation of B-plans is to be mentioned as a further field of competence that has been tried and tested over many years.

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