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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Braun

Römerstraße 5
97944 Boxberg

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Tel. (0931)  99 13 69 50
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"The garden as nature - nature as a garden"
(Wolfgang Jüttner, Minister of the Environment in Lower Saxony since 1998)

In this sense, we plan, design and realize the most diverse open spaces or realize appealing landscape design in public spaces for our clients.

Even in the preparatory phase of a project, we work from the first performance phase to the completion of a project with our team in cooperation with clients, project participants and authorities to achieve the best result for all parties.
Our work focuses depending on the task, whether it is a park, a cemetery, an aging garden, according to the specifications of the client, the conditions and the possibilities.
The focus is on the existing, which brought in new splendor to the users back the feeling of harmony, satisfaction and pride in what has been achieved and accomplished.

Project planning:
City planning, village renewal, square designs, outdoor facilities at senior housing, schools, kindergartens, multi-family residential buildings, administrative buildings, parks and green spaces, cemeteries, gardens, greening, outdoor facilities at commercial and industrial buildings

Further planning services:
land use and landscape planning, development and green order planning, approval planning (qualified open space design plans), special species protection assessments (sAP), environmental impact studies (UVS), landscape management accompanying planning (LBP) to specialized planning and the planning of compensation and replacement measures for municipal and private clients.