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Doris Grabner, Jürgen Huber, Patrick Lipp freising hamburg

Gutenbergstraße 7
85354 Freising

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After the merger of the offices of Doris Grabner (founded in 1999) and Jürgen Huber (founded in 2007), grabner huber landschaftsarchitekten operated as a partnership with a branch office in Freising from 2008-2015. Since 2016, the formerly associated landscape architect Patrick Lipp has also been a partner in the partnership. Together with the two associates Franziska Böhmert-Hartel, Felix Ziegler and other project managers, the owners manage the practical activities, which are primarily focused on the object planning of outdoor facilities.
In addition to a steady increase in projects and employees, we were able to establish a branch office in Hamburg in 2018.
From the feasibility study to the competition procedure and design planning to the monitoring of the implementation, the focus is on finding and inventing the essence of the places in order to integrate the required functions and demands into individual open spaces and atmospheres. The project responsibility in all phases lies with an office owner or associate. The office-internal quality assurance takes place in continuous feedback of the project workers with the responsible persons.

In addition, due to the large number of already completed and ongoing projects and the compact office structure, there is a constant exchange and short circuit between the project workers to promote project synergies.


Franziska Böhmert-Hartel, Bernadette Brandl, Urszula Cryer, Annike Herrmann, Daniela Pelz, Benedikt Radlmaier, David Rehbach, Stefan Schießl, Sandra Sedlmeier, Sarah Sojka, Martin Spiekermann, Christoph Straß, Stefanie Syren, Andreas Völker, Hannah Voskors, Felix Ziegler

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