Multiple commissioning Am Nonnenbuckel Heilbronn

© Lill + Sparla Landschaftsarchitekten

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© Lill + Sparla Landschaftsarchitekten

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© Lill + Sparla Landschaftsarchitekten

© Lill + Sparla Landschaftsarchitekten

On the Nonnenbuckel in Heilbronn, the Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn is developing a new quarter. The urban design leaves the Nonnenbuckel in its current landscape context and places tower-like residential buildings inside.

The design of the open spaces is based on the basic principle of the existing design plan. A strong interconnection of the new residential area with the surrounding area and an internal development with different spatial sequences and qualities allow a contemporary urban quarter to emerge. The angular arrangement of the buildings in the south and east underlines the permeable character.

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Planning offices

L I L L + S P A R L A Landscape Architects

Project period

Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn

Am Nonnenbuckel

Prices & Awards
Mehrfachbeauftragung, 1. Preis

Project type
Green concepts for residential, commercial and industrial areas