Hamburg Billwerder - Allermöhe Experts Competition procedure 1st phase: 2nd prize - 2nd phase: 1st prize

Elbmarschen © 1970 Unbekannt Stadtbauwelt

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Wettbewerbsplan erster Rang Petzold/Hansjakob Bebauungsplanentwurf © 1976 Petzold/Hansjakob

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Elbmarschen © 1970 Unbekannt Stadtbauwelt

Wettbewerbsplan erster Rang Petzold/Hansjakob Bebauungsplanentwurf © 1976 Petzold/Hansjakob

Based on the landscape and structure plan by Valentin & Valentin, an urban design competition was announced.

The assessment of our work by the chief assessors states, among other things:
"The urban concept combines the various well thought-out systems: Building, development, canals, paths and open spaces favourably with each other. The landscape character of the marsh is very well met by the design."
"The good integration of the open spaces / green spaces into the urban development concept and the resulting open space formation should be emphasised. Both, linked with the other well-solved urban planning components, constitute a special quality of the work."

Prof. Walter Rossow (reviewer) writes in Garten- und Landschaft July 1976, p. 417:
"It is clear to see that urban planner and landscape architect worked together on the urban concept here, simultaneously and not one after the other, as is still widely the case. This working method requires a deep professional understanding from both, almost to the point that each could also do it individually. This is also dependent on personal constellations."

Publications: Garten und Landschaft July 1976

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Planning offices

Gottfried und Anton Hansjakob Landschaftsarchitekten

Peter Petzold, Architekt
Peter Petzold

Manfred Ast

Project period
1973 - 1976

360 ha

Baubehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg

Billwerder Allermöhe

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