Munich Freiham construction area Urban planning and landscape planning competition 1st prize group revision, recommendation of the jury to use the work of Petzold/ Hansjakob as a basis for further planning


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The Freiham area on the western outskirts of Munich is one of the last large contiguous green spaces in the city area available for new urban development. An ecologically valuable area with the Aubinger Lohe nature reserve, Moosschweige wetland and the Freiham estate. It should be created there primarily urgently needed housing and jobs.
The landscape concept of our planning goes far beyond the narrower competition area into the open countryside and provides for the motorway to be covered by landscape means. Open wooded areas, a wide eco-bridge interrupt the highway. With the development, a clearly visible urban space, a city boundary is formed:
The Freiham estate, a listed ensemble, is to shape the landscape space.
The old routes to the Gut Freiham will be resumed.

Radiating green corridors lead from a centrally located green space to the landscape space in the west. In this public open space are walking paths, playgrounds and seating areas.

This creates an open space structure for the entire building area, which gives the individual building sections an orientation and scale independence. From the commercial area via the central square at the Freiham S-Bahn station via the centrally located green space to the secondary centres at the Aubing S-Bahn station, a continuous, urban design axis is created.
The social infrastructure as well as shops, offices, gastronomy and so on are concentrated in the main axis and are within walking distance. This axis conveys urban qualities to the residents and fulfils many functions.
This gives the large building area a spatially and dimensionally visible orientation.
Without this structuring by access roads and by the coherent urban designed open spaces with avenues the large building area would become a settlement mush.

Unfortunately this generous structuring was given up again in the further planning.


Competitions current 07/1984
Garden and Landscape 10/1984

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Planning offices

Gottfried und Anton Hansjakob Landschaftsarchitekten

Peter Petzold, Architekt
Peter Petzold

Project period
1983 - 1994

360 Ha

LHSt München, Referat für Stadtplanung und Bauordnung

Freiham zwischen Aubing und Gut Freiham

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