Zweifeldsporthalle Borsdorf

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Satzung Sporthalle Borsdorf © BK

Lage im Plangebiet © BK

Development plan (BP) Zweifeldsporthalle Borsdorf according to service profile § 19 HOAI (2013)

The municipality of Borsdorf intends to build a new two-field sports hall in the area of the former Güterladestraße. With the construction of the multi-purpose hall, in addition to ensuring high-quality school sports in the municipality of Borsdorf, the general conditions for the sports clubs located in Borsdorf are to be improved.

The plan area with a total area of about 10,960 m² is located south of the railway line of the municipality of Borsdorf. The railway area lies at present fallow. By the planned planning an attractive subsequent use is to be supplied to the area by revitalization of the surfaces. In order to create the legal conditions for establishing the area as a location for school, day-care and club sports as well as cultural and other events, the area is to be developed as an area for sports and play facilities. The centrally located site of the planned sports and multi-purpose hall in the immediate vicinity of the Borsdorf train station allows a bundling of community uses in conjunction with the nearby school site.

In summary, the following planning objectives in particular are to be achieved with this development plan:
- securing the planned sports and multi-purpose hall for school, daycare, club,
disabled and recreational sports as well as cultural and other events in accordance with building planning law,
- expanding the space available at the library location of the Free High School Borsdorf by
outsourcing school sports,
- securing the provision of public services by making publicly usable sports facilities available,
- Efficient utilization of existing media and traffic development,
- Improvement of the road connection of the southern part of Borsdorf to the classified road network by
-public dedication and repair of the freight loading road
- Creation of roadside P R areas
- Reuse of a brownfield site,
- Ensuring an orderly urban development and
- Integration of the project into the surrounding development.

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Planning offices

Büro Knoblich Landschaftsarchitekten BDLA/IFLA

Project period
02/2014 - 04/2015

Gemeinde Borsdorf

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