IN-Campus Ingolstadt

IN-Campus Ingolstadt © 2019 Kienelplan Kienleplan

IN-Campus Ingolstadt © 2019 Kienelplan Kienleplan

Specialized teams are creating the conditions for a new, state-of-the-art commercial and industrial area by the end of 2022 on behalf of IN-Campus GmbH, a joint venture between AUDI AG and the city of Ingolstadt. Together, they are recycling and redeveloping a 75-hectare industrial wasteland in the east of Ingolstadt. This is currently one of the largest redevelopment projects in Germany.

The principle of 'avoidance before disposal' is consistently
adhered to through the greatest possible greening of the site and the
roofscapes, as well as the use of water-permeable surfaces for driveways
and green joint paving in the parking spaces.
The roof surfaces above the workshop areas that are not occupied by technical structures, skylights and other fixtures
are provided with a simple
extensive greening.

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Planning offices

Kienleplan GmbH

vielmo architekten, Stuttgart/ Berlin

Project period
2018 - 2020

ca 8.200m² Außenanlagen und ca. 2.600m² Dachfläche

Construction amount
1,2 Mio €

Ed. Züblin AG