Water feature Guntram-Palm-Platz Fellbach Schwabenlandhallenpark Fellbach

Wasserspiel bei Nacht © Kienelplan Kienleplan

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Wasserspiel © Kienelplan Kienleplan

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Lageplan © Kienelplan Kienleplan

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Wasserspiel bei Nacht © Kienelplan Kienleplan

Wasserspiel © Kienelplan Kienleplan

Lageplan © Kienelplan Kienleplan

As part of the redesign of the Schwabenlandhallen Park in Fellbach, a new water feature with 25 adjustable individual fountains, combined with RGBWA LED light and mist jets, has been created on Guntram-Palm-Platz, in addition to the renovation of the existing water basin.

In the square structure with mastic asphalt and surrounding slotted channel, flush-floor, grate-covered nozzle pots with clear jet single, multi-jet and shaped jet nozzles are installed. The pumps can be controlled individually via an externally programmable control system, thus enabling a play of fountains of different heights. The highest fountain can reach up to 6m. The same applies to the group control of the fog nozzles.

In addition to the freely programmable control of the fountain heights, a color light change can be specified according to schedule, so that in the interplay between individual fountains, fog nozzles, LED light and a coordinated background music a choreography of the water game is possible.

The program can be changed via a remote control option.

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Planning offices

Kienleplan GmbH

Project period
2017 - 2018

Construction amount
365.000 €

Stadt Fellbach, Tiefbauamt Abteilung Grünflächen


70734 Fellbach