Playground Stuttgart-East

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Übersicht © Kienleplan

Sinnespfad © Kienleplan

Sonnenrad © Kienleplan

The 'Small Playground' between Bergstrasse and Klingenstrasse in Stuttgart Gablenberg is getting on in years. The range of playground equipment is manageable and offers little in the way of incentives to play, and there is also a lack of sufficient seating. The old stock of trees is striking, but together with the accompanying underplanting it creates a rather gloomy and enclosed atmosphere. Overall, the play area does not seem very inviting.

The restoration of an attractive play area for all age groups is the primary goal of the redesign.
A diversely designed open space is to invite people to play and exercise beyond the sand area - a valuable addition is the green space along Bergstrasse, which offers new opportunities for exercise and recreation.

The 'urban gardening' area remains unchanged and is supplemented with hedge elements towards Bergstrasse.

While largely respecting the tree population, the playground area is given a more open character and thus better visibility. The accesses from Klingenstrasse and Bergstrasse will be widened, and the steps to Bergstrasse will be supplemented with seating, which is intended as an inviting gesture to linger.

An important basis for the planning were suggestions and wishes of children and parents, which were recorded and developed in the course of several participation workshops.

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Planning offices

Kienleplan GmbH

Project period
2018 - 2020

3300 m²

Construction amount
730.000 €

Garten-, Friedhofs-, und Forstamt der Stadt Stuttgart

70186 Stuttgart