Neustadt in Holstein, west side of the harbour

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The western side of the harbour will be divided into four quarters with different focal points of use in the future, which will be characterised by the existing buildings and will be joined together like a mosaic by complementary new buildings.

The station quarter is reorganized by the ZOB gets a more appropriate dimensioning, a pocket park is created and the LHG store and its annex by a hostel use and a welcome center to the hub for guests and port tourists in Neustadt.

The high towers of the warehouse also offer enough space for cultural uses, such as a museum and offices (co-working spaces) through new lighting options and two connecting corridors. In addition, a central building for events combined with educational facilities will be built next to the LHG Speicher and parking facilities for commuters and visitors will be created. The railway station will be revitalised by making its surroundings more attractive and will house small shops and a bicycle rental service, as will the side of the parking deck facing the station.

From the platform, visitors will be guided directly towards the new harbour square, which lies at the interface of the new quarters. By keeping the visual axes clear and staggering the new event/education building, the harbor and Petersen Warehouse are immediately perceptible from the platform. The new harbour square leads the visitor further to the promenade with water stairs, where the water and shipping can be experienced by lowering the quay edge. As an extension of the conveyor belt, the visitor reaches the new swing bridge, which will in future connect the west side of the harbour with the east side and the old town at a second point. The second crossing will enable a circular route without restricting the continued use of the harbour.

North of the harbour square is the Hospital Quarter, which in its granularity and roof form is based on the hospital without reproducing the old town structure. Rather, the adjacent listed structure must be responded to in an appropriate manner in order to preserve and support its quality. The ground floors facing the harbour square offer space for maritime trade, commerce and gastronomy, the upper floors as well as the new block along the orchard accommodate residential uses.

South of the harbour square, the harbour character is more clearly expressed in the Speicherquartier and thus large-format building types, which are nevertheless small-scale in their use structure, fill the spaces between the Haus der Manufakturen and the striking Petersen-Speicher. Its historic stepped gable will be uncovered and reconstructed. The existing crane/conveyor system will be preserved as a harbour sculpture.

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Seit 2017

Stadt Neustadt



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