Schönebeck market place

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The aim of the present planning is to redesign the market square in the medieval core of Schönebeck as the "good parlour" and the central square of the city and to link it with the most important places in the urban structure through the development of the public space.

The old town core of the city of Schönebeck is characterised by the triangle of "St. Jacob's Church", "City Hall and Market" and "Elbuferplatz". This triangle is to be made visible in the cityscape through measures in the public space. Central the market place - loosely covered with trees - with equal sides, is the center of this triangle.

The market place itself is characterized by three historic monuments that form the inner triad of the city. City Hall with tower, fountain and salt tower. These three historic structures should be visually connected. Therefore, the three trees in front of the City Hall will be removed and an open space will be created in the square.

The visitor or citizen coming from the pedestrian zone "Am Salztor" receives the market now with an open area, which allows the view of the city hall and fountain. From here one has all three buildings - city hall, fountain and salt tower in the view.

Opposite at the other end of the market place again a free surface is arranged, which points the view in the direction of the Elbe and lets the width and generosity of the Elbuferauen guess.

In the middle of the market square, the existing trees in the grid will be supplemented by new plantings on the west side, resulting in two equal peripheral areas.

Summarizing the square is a uniform directionless paving. The curved course of the facades to the east and west is resumed as a slab inlay. This design strip emphasizes the bulbous form of the square in the west, in the east it ends at the fountain and underlines the special position of the town hall. With equal rights for traffic on the square - "shared space" - the intarsia gives vulnerable road users such as children, elderly people a safe line without car traffic and continues the direction from the pedestrian zone at the Salztor via the market to the Elbuferplatz.

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Planning offices

TGP Landschaftsarchitekten

Project period
2015 - 2016

5000 m2

Stadt Schönebeck



Prices & Awards
Wettbewerb 1. Preis

Project type
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas