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The Obertrave is the first realized construction phase of the redesign of the western edge of the old town of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. The old town edge as a Unesco World Heritage Site and the former port areas are formulated in the context of their history as a city terrace on the water.

The goal of the entire upgrading of the old town edge is to bring the city closer to the water. The terrace is a promenade, a venue for events, a play area for children, a harbour for pleasure boaters and excursion boats, and an entertainment mile with restaurants and pubs. In summer, the Obertrave is the gastronomic and strolling mile for all Lübeck tourists. The stationary traffic is regulated by a summer and winter solution. In coordination with the façades, groups of trees with under-set uses, such as playing and sitting, alternate with generous open spaces for music events, annual markets and tango dancing.

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Planning offices

TGP Landschaftsarchitekten

Other planning stakeholders
Straßenbau: Masuch + Olbrisch
Beratende Ingenieure VBI, Dr. Hüttmann, Kai Kienast, Uwe Wulf
Planungspartner: PPP Architekten + Stadtplaner GmbH
Brückenbau und Kaimauer: Böger + Jäckle, Gesellschaft
Beratender Ingenieure mbH & Co. KG, H.P. Hartmann, J. Petersen
Bodengutachten: Baukontor Dümcke GmbH
Lichtplanung: Peter Andres, Beratende Ingenieure für Lichtplanung.

Project period
2005 - 2007

10.200 m2

Hansestadt Lübeck



Prices & Awards
Wettbewerb 1.Preis, 2003

Project type
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas