Lincoln-Siedlung neighborhood park Darmstadt

© 2022 Franz Reschke Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

© 2022 Franz Reschke Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

A lively urban quarter for around 5,000 residents is currently being created on the conversion site of the former US housing area in the south of Darmstadt. The central neighborhood park forms the heart of the urban development. Framed by a loose framework of trees, the south-facing, sandy and lean central park meadow with its wide horizon stands out openly. The 'cultivation' of the extensive meadow, partly a registered biotope, takes place via the framing of the circular main path and three meadow terraces with a high quality of stay. By avoiding further dissection of the meadow area by structurally formulated paths, it remains a special place whose atmospheric quality lies in its expanse and roughness. The volume of the new elementary school marks the entrance to the Lincoln Quarter on Heidelberger Strasse. Two tree-lined terraces frame the square in front of the buildings. A light grove makes the green axis leading north between the framing residential buildings visible as an independent space with a neighborhood character. The project was completed in spring 2021.

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Planning offices

Franz Reschke Landscape Architecture GmbH

Ninon Weber-Wittenberg, Dora Varosy, Juliane Wichtmann, Jan Ole Rolfes, Sebastian Koch (Ausschreibung, Vergabe, Bauleitung für FRL)

Project period
12/2016 - 04/2021

25.000 qm

Construction amount
2.800.000 €

BVD New Living GmbH
Übernahme gemäß städtebaulichem Vertrag durch die Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt

Einsteinstraße 20
64285 Darmstadt

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Project type
Parks and green spaces
Squares, promenades, pedestrian areas
Playgrounds, e.g. at childcare centers and schools