Panoramic trail Petersberghang Erfurt

Panoramaweg Petersberghang Erfurt © 2021 Marc Leppin Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

Panoramaweg Petersberghang Erfurt © 2021 Marc Leppin Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH

The citadel on the Petersberg is one of the most important testimonies to Erfurt's diverse city history. For the opening of the 2021 Federal Garden Show, the barrier-free development of the 17-metre-high glacis slope will make a significant contribution to integrating the former citadel into the urban space.

The glacis slope will be clearly divided into a stone base and the exposed meadow slope. The historic fortress as the massive crown of the Petersberg will be topographically exposed. The linear route of the staircase on the slope, aimed at the striking south-eastern corner of the Leonhard bastion, is already invitingly visible from the cathedral square. Two paths of independent quality are planned: The linear slope staircase leads up a short and direct route with approx. 100 steps. The narrow and barrier-free panoramic path leads 460 m up the Petersberg. Two viewing plateaus - located on the 'lower' base of the wall and on the 'upper' circular path - form special places to linger with sweeping views of the cathedral and old town. The meadow slope will be improved in terms of its usability for relaxation and views and will be accessible to 'everyone' in future.

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Planning offices

Franz Reschke Landscape Architecture GmbH

Helge Frevert, Dora Varosy, Antonius Zwirner, Janina Gäckler, Mara Jerusalem, Andreas Stoellger und Jürgen Liehr (Lph. 6), Dirk Sadtler (Lph. 7 und 8)

Other planning stakeholders
StudioC, Tragwerksplanung und Objektplanung Ingenieurbauwerk (Lph. 2-7)

Project period
04/2018 - 04/2021

10.000 qm

Construction amount
2.600.000 €

Landeshauptstadt Erfurt

Bechtheimer Straße 1
99084 Erfurt

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Project type
Parks and green spaces