Nature children's house Bina-Wiesen Bodenkirchen

Lageplan ©  Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

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Sitztheater Kindergarten © 2021 Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

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Einbindung in Straßenraum © 2021 Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

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Vorplatz © 2021 Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

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Spielbereich Kindergarten © 2021 Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

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Spielbereich Weidentunnel © 2021 Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

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Lageplan ©  Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

Sitztheater Kindergarten © 2021 Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

Einbindung in Straßenraum © 2021 Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

Vorplatz © 2021 Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

Spielbereich Kindergarten © 2021 Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

Spielbereich Weidentunnel © 2021 Klaus + Salzberger PartGmbB

Bodenkirchen is located a few kilometers south of Vilsbiburg on the river Bina.

The municipality was able to acquire a plot of land on the edge of the floodplain meadow and develop it for the new use. The central location of the plot in conjunction with a public street in front of it offered the potential for a central public facility with the simultaneous opportunity to enhance the townscape in this area and to organize the development.

The location on the floodplain with areas of high nature conservation value and its floodplain posed a challenge. A first step was therefore the comprehensive consideration and evaluation of the existing situation and, based on this, the development of a solution that was compatible in terms of both nature conservation and water management.

The architectural firm Bernhard Englmeier then developed an L-shaped building. Following the terrain, it nestles against the edge of the slope to the road and connects public space on one side and the floodplain on the other. The forecourt of the kindergarten, which is oriented towards the public space, was kept as free as possible and therefore opens up the possibility of multifunctional use. The resulting open space towards the floodplain is designed as a protected garden area and combines play and natural space.

The open spaces of the kindergarten and crèche

The planning focused on natural building materials and the freest possible forms appropriate to the location. There are also sand play and climbing facilities adapted to the topography. Retreats such as hobbit caves and willow tunnels create quiet areas for outdoor activities.

The design concept also envisages that the actual boundary fence, consisting of robinia stakes irregularly glazed in different shades of green, merges with the flower meadow as a border planting and thus visually encloses the floodplain.

The wood artist Örni Poschmann was commissioned to create the freely playable installations and WeidenArt Freitag was commissioned to create the willow structures.


The wooden building is framed by a connecting covering in earth tones and matching terrace panels made from a regional clinker brick. The forecourt of the kindergarten was also made from accessible clinker bricks. Natural materials and the reuse of existing materials were preferred.

Green structure

The greening towards the residential area was created using mixed perennial plantings, which already showed almost complete coverage in the second year. These areas and the grass paving of the parking lots absorb a large part of the rainfall. Towards the floodplain, the planting changes to native species compositions and flowering meadow areas finally merge with this.

Flood concept

A large part of the outdoor play area is located in the flood zone. The construction of the fence and the equipment of the play area have been chosen accordingly. The loss of retention volume due to the building was compensated for in the direct local area outside the kindergarten by excavation in coordination with the WWA. In addition, reed beds were planted as initial plantings.

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Planning offices

Klaus Salzberger Landscape Architects PartGmbB
Eching in Ndb.

Peter Bedner

Other planning stakeholders
Architekt Bernhard Englmeier

Holzkünstler Örni Poschmann

WeidenArt Freitag

Weindl Garten- und Landschaftsbau

Project period
2017 - 2021

Gemeinde Bodenkirchen


84155 Bodenkirchen

Project type
Playgrounds, e.g. at childcare centers and schools
Green roofs, facades and interiors
Impact regulation and compensation
Open spaces for business and public facilities
Village renewal and development