Klaus Salzberger Landscape Architects PartGmbB formerly Büttner Klaus

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Klaus + Salzberger Landschaftsarchitekten PartGmbB

Sonja Klaus Gabriele Salzberger

St.- Vitus-Straße 8
84174 Eching in Ndb.

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Tel. (08709)  507950


The office of Sonja Klaus and Gabriele Salzberger has existed in its current form since 2017 and is based in the district of Landshut.

Our office was originally founded in 1993 by Norbert Büttner and was run as part of a partnership with Sonja Klaus until 2017.
At the beginning of 2022, the name was changed to Klaus Salzberger Landschaftsarchitekten.


We always see open spaces in interaction with their surroundings.

This applies to all planning, regardless of whether it is a historic town center, a new construction project, a redevelopment or an urban planning concept.

In our view, material and design language can never be assessed in a generalized way, but must always be considered in context.

Our aim is to recognize the unique character of a location and to solve the planning task tailored to the respective framework conditions.


Project planning / open space planning

Residential and commercial buildings, play, sports and leisure areas, outdoor facilities for schools, kindergartens and crèches, open spaces for senior citizens, spa facilities, outdoor facilities for churches, cemeteries, square and street design, traffic calming, car parking spaces, parks, fountains and water features, green roofs, planting planning, private gardens.

Landscape planning, water law planning and soil protection

Landscape conservation planning, special species protection assessments, FFH compatibility studies, management of eco-account areas, intervention compensation balancing in accordance with the Bavarian Compensation Ordinance, landscape conservation framework and development planning, environmental impact studies, watercourse development planning, watercourse implementation concepts, flood protection, support and advice on hydromorphological improvement measures on watercourses. hydromorphological improvement measures on watercourses, application for funding, e.g. in accordance with RZWas, mining and recultivation planning, supervision and recultivation of landfills.

Urban land-use planning

Land use and landscape planning, development and green space planning, environmental reports, regional planning procedures

Urban development planning

Expert opinions for local development and redevelopment, settlement and commercial development, village renewal, structural planning, support and moderation of public participation, urban development studies and concepts

For interdisciplinary planning, we work in a network of ecologists and specialist engineers.


Peter Bedner, Patrick Eyerkaufer, Katja Friedering, Sonja Klaus, Gabriele Salzberger, Karolin Schneider, Cornelia Solleder, Christiane Spägele, Jonas Spindler, Katrin Wunderskirchner

Partners & Network

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