Cultural Landscapes in Berlin

Make your way through the city to experience green Berlin: The Great Tiergarten in the centre, the forests and lakes on the outskirts of the city, the Wall Strip, palace parks, ornamental squares and neighbourhood gardens, the cemeteries and the many street trees. Landscape architecture is constantly developing this green metropolis, in harmony with the citizens who demand this quality of life in the middle of the city.

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Garden culture is fascinatingly represented in the gardens of the galleries and museums. Today, the Mauerstreifen parks offer a green belt in the middle of the city. Open spaces carry the memories of the city's turbulent history, many memorial sites rely on the power of staging as gardens and parks. And the urban landscape(s) convey Berlin's cultural heritage in a unique way. Prussian history and the bourgeois city, democracy and dictatorship, fascism and the division of the city have all left their mark on the cityscape.

Here you can experience the past and present of garden art and landscape architecture, with a wealth of information on Berlin's gardens, parks and squares. Get to know and see Berlin. Learn more about garden history and designs, about the ideas of the landscape architects who shaped Berlin in the past and today. Nowhere is the city more vivid than in its public space.