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Berlin Wall Strip Parks

160 kilometres of border fortifications separated the western and eastern parts of Berlin and the GDR. After the fall of the Wall in 1989, many of these sections became parks of remembrance and open spaces worth seeing in the middle of the city. They are among the younger parks in Berlin, and they are full of memories - the Berlin Wall Strip Parks.

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Three decades ago the Berlin Wall fell, 60 years ago it was built. The Berlin Wall divided the city. Today, the open spaces along the course of the former Wall are important destinations for visitors to the city. For all Berliners, these parks and green spaces have long since become everyday places. This is where people ride their bikes, go dawdling, play and do sports. Partly because of these open spaces, Berlin has become a particularly liveable, green city in the middle of the city centre and also on the outskirts.

However, the recent history of the city's division is linked to many personal fates. In addition to the Berlin Wall memorial along Bernauer Strasse, the Wall Strip Parks keep the (presumably more than) 136 Wall deaths and many other fates of life in a divided city, adaptation, resistance in special memory.

The landscape architects who designed these sites of the Berlin Wall together with artists and architects in recent years have succeeded in a unique way in staging the public space as a memory of the city. Without superficial drama, but with diverse traces and sometimes less, sometimes more pronounced offers of information and remembrance, the Berlin Wall remains a part of the city, namely its construction as well as its fall and thus the overcoming of the division of Berlin and Europe.

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