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German Landscape Architecture Prize 2005

Out of 86 works, the jury selected two entries for a First Prize and eight for an Honourable Mention in 2005.

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A first prize was awarded to the office Latitude Nord, Gilles Vexlard and Laurence Vacherot, Maisons Alfort/France for the project "Landschaftspark München-Riem - Ein Park ohne Grenzen". The other first prize went to the project "Alter Flughafen Niddawiesen bei Kalbach/Bonamens" by landscape architects Markus Gnüchtel and Michael Triebswetter of GTL, Kassel. In awarding the two first prizes, the jury delivered "a plea for fullness and emptiness", as the judge Cornelia Müller, Lützow 7, put it. "On the one hand, the detailed design and implementation of a plan, the creation of spaces according to clear specifications; on the other hand, letting things develop, consciously allowing movements/changes in the landscape."

Honours went to eight projects.

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