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Urban squares

What would a city be without squares, what Berlin without Alexanderplatz or Munich without Marienplatz? City, market and neighbourhood squares are the focal points of urban life. Squares create breaks in the urban fabric, they separate and connect. They are meeting places, stages for various actors and groups, places to stay and communicate. As multifunctionally designed spaces, they are also the setting for weekly markets and events.

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Urban squares are completely or partially enclosed by buildings. Depending on the use and the urban environment, they are designed as paved surfaces and/or lawns with a greater or lesser proportion of trees, shrubs and plantings. In addition, various furnishing and decorative elements are conceivable, e.g. benches and playground equipment, fountains and monuments.

The cluster "Urban Squares" shows squares of various typologies, not only in large cities, but also in small and medium-sized towns. The planning and design, construction and conversion of squares is usually carried out under the leadership of landscape architects.

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