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ThoMi Bauermeister, Gabriele Pütz, Gerd Kleyhauer, Dr. Antje Backhaus

Gneisenaustraße 41
10961 Berlin

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Tel. (030)  6112334


gruppe F from Berlin was founded in 1992. A versatile team of landscape architects and landscape planners, ecologists and geographers as well as urban planners and sociologists work in almost all fields of open space planning. From the development of strategies and large-scale concepts to small-scale detailed solutions. One of our great passions is the participation of future users in the planning process.


ThoMi Bauermeister, Gabriele Pütz, Gerd Kleyhauer, Dr. Antje Backhaus, Susanne Fungipani, Marieke Koehn, Andreas Kurths, Bettina Walther, Nina Jung, Martina Schwarz, Meline Saworski, Henrike Hochmuth, Eva Sittenauer, Christine Schwemmer, Magdalena Sitek, Nadine Seiffert, Monika Spoerhase, Eva Lange, Vanessa Reinfelder, Robert Esau, Elisabeth Pudimat, Friederike Voigt, Natacha Euloge, Nina Huschner, Kai Brown, Marie Hildebrandt, Peter Werner, Jonathan Krohn, Alec Christof, Lena Fiechter, Melanie Leuschner, Christian Volk, Annabelle Graf, Helen Stramm, Lisa-Marie Meszaros, Jan Quandt