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k1 Landschaftsarchitekten Kuhn Klapka GmbH

Axel Klapka und Catherine Kuhn

Raabestraße 2
10405 Berlin

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Tel. (+49)  (0)30 4401 3090
Fax (+49)  (0)30 4401 3099


The office k1 Landschaftsarchitekten was founded by Axel Klapka at the end of 2001 with a focus on implementation planning and construction management and has since been active for both public and private clients. In April 2003, the office partnership with Catherine Kuhn expanded the field of activity to include design and competitions.
Since then, numerous competition successes have been achieved and projects realized, including the State Garden Show in Bad Nauheim in 2010 and the State Garden Show in Deggendorf in 2014.

In addition to the classic tasks of object planning, k1 Landschaftsarchitekten also works in project management and does research work in cooperation with the University of Darmstadt. Axel Klapka is chairman of the Association of German Landscape Architects, regional group Berlin/Brandenburg and book author. Ten employees work in the office.


Lisa Hankow,
Kinga Jánossy,
Frank Kleinmanns,
Annett Mathias,
Ralph Meißner,
Heidi Weiter,
Torsten Wolff,
Peter Young