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Herz Landscape Architecture - Dietmar Herz

Steinbacher Straße 74
76534 Baden-Baden

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Tel. (07223)  951357


"Garden art is music greatly slowed down..." (C. T. Sørensen)
We work in the tension between art and nature. Our goal is to achieve the best for each situation. This is determined by the demands of the client and the users and by the place with its landscape and urban conditions and its history.

We work with what is already there, in the terrain and with water, soil, stone and plant. These elements, the handling and harmony with them, forms our basis. In the garden we find the place where man and nature reconcile.

We work in a temporal context. Changes and developments are taken into account and are desired, since we work with living things. Architecture may be "frozen music" (A. Schopenhauer), but gardens and landscapes are in motion, are music and are received as such. We enjoy the change of seasons in the garden.

Our plants achieve growth; they earn interest. We enjoy the surprises when unexpected guests of plants and animals appear and set new accents and rejoice in the becoming and decaying...and becoming.