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Geschäftsführer: Urs Müller-Meßner und Uwe Bauer

Hauptstraße 73/2
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

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Tel. (0711)  4579122
Fax (0711)  4579162

Over 30 years of landscape architecture

Shaping the future - long-term thinking and green action

For over three decades, Kienleplan has been designing architecturally shaped outdoor areas and high-quality living spaces worldwide. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to major landscape themes, falling in love with the smallest details and seeking challenges in urban spaces
Our work focuses on project planning in landscape architecture, sustainable urban development, resource-conserving overall planning and working with plants as a living building material.

We generate the majority of our challenging national and international projects through competition successes in public project tenders.

Quality and excellent service

We provide our clients with competent support in all phases of the project, from the initial big idea to detailed implementation. To ensure this, we are in constant contact with our clients and provide intensive development support. Adherence to costs and deadlines are not foreign words at Kienleplan, but a matter of course. Our understanding of quality is a harmonious combination of beauty, economy and durability. To achieve this, we always work with our customers to find solutions that combine their ideas, their budget and our ideas in the best possible way. Through regular project monitoring and precise quality control, we ensure a project result that also meets our high quality standards and those of our customers in terms of craftsmanship.

We live sustainability

Kienleplan is characterized by a high focus on values. Our highest value and guiding principle for all our projects is sustainability. This means that our actions are embedded in an overall ecological concept. This can be seen, for example, in the way we deal with rainwater as part of holistic rainwater strategies.

Advice and consulting

Our landscape architects and engineers are also on hand to advise our clients beyond the project planning stage. Further services include:

- Feasibility studies

- Green space management

- Presentation of life cycle costs

- Planting plans

- Private and court reports for open spaces


Christiane Meßner, Bartholomäus Tauber, Karin Gommel, Susanne Kern, Anna Ilyuchshenko, Tobias Schuler, Dijana Radojević, Gabi, Sickinger, Pubali Kumar, Katja Hölzer, Ziying Wang, Daniela Messana, Kim Hoss, Sarah Mundanjohl