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Ingrid Theurich

Tiergartenstraße 4
99089 Erfurt

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Tel. (0361)  7850261
Fax (0361)  7850262

Open space planning, playgrounds, home gardens,
temporary floral areas, exhibition concepts for indoor and outdoor floral shows,
garden monument preservation.
Our living and working world is determined by progress and a rapid pace. Media, technology and society generate speed and a density of tasks that make great demands on people.

As a counterbalance, people seek places of deceleration, relaxation and freedom. They find them in nature, in their own gardens, on playgrounds and sports fields. These open spaces offer room to live - by simply being there, and by being set up in a certain way.

In my work as a landscape architect, I create and maintain these places. I question people's needs and build facilities that meet the desires of the users. I give satisfaction and moments of happiness: through harmonious city squares, exciting playground equipment and blooming gardens.

The forms follow the function and are enriched by decorative elements that create vibrancy and abundance with blossoms and fragrances in the change of the seasons and refresh the soul.


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