Levin Monsigny Landschaftsarchitekten

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Levin Monsigny Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH

Axel Hermening, Martina Levin, Nicolai Levin, Luc Monsigny

Brunnenstraße 181
10119 Berlin

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Tel. (030)  44053184
Fax (030)  44053175


Every place is unique and has its own individual story. Once we know what distinguishes the special atmosphere of a place, a garden or a landscape, we develop our ideas. Through our contextual approach and a natural design language, we create gardens and landscapes that make these specific characteristics of a place visible. Our aim is always to strengthen the identity of a place with appropriate solutions.

The results inspire and invite people to linger. They open the eyes of their users to the beauty and specialness of their surroundings - no matter whether they are children in a kindergarten, employees of a company or walkers in a city or park. Balanced and harmonious compositions of plants and natural materials such as stone and wood give the facilities their unique appeal.

In order to achieve the optimal design and functional effect for each project, we work closely with the respective building owners and planning partners. We oversee each project from conceptual planning to professional supervision of construction. Our common goal here is the sustainable, qualitative improvement of living space while making appropriate use of the budget.

One of our most publicly visible works is the design of the open spaces on Berlin's Museum Island, an extraordinary ensemble of museum buildings surrounded by water and riverside landscapes. We have applied our experience with ecologically sustainable model projects to the planning and realization of more than 100 hectares of riverside parks in the central Chinese water city of Changde, among other projects.

With the same passion with which we apply ourselves to an exposed urban space or a major project, we also plan the green space for a kindergarten or a fine private garden.

We would be happy to get to know you and your project. Of course, we will also go unusual ways with you to implement your ideas and concepts. And that worldwide.