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Babelsberger Straße 40|41
10715 Berlin

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Tel. (030)  39 73 84-0
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Fields of activity:
Processing of tasks from the entire field of landscape architecture, landscape planning and urban planning at all scale levels. In doing so, continuous consideration and implementation of environmentally relevant findings as well as design and use-oriented qualities. Moderation and mediation in the construction, planning and environmental field.
Our experience
-We have been asserting ourselves for over 30 years in a market with growing
-We are spatially flexible and approachable at short notice.
-Our qualified team is made up of partners and employees with a wide range of work areas and broad experience and training spectrums.
-We attach importance to independence and thus guarantee the "view from outside".
-We can refer to numerous successful projects from different fields of work in all common planning levels.
-Our employees have been with the company for many years, are basically salaried employees with the necessary flexibility for childcare.

Our competencies
-We manage the cooperation with experts from other fields of architecture, engineering, natural sciences, tourism consulting and social planning in a goal-oriented manner.
-We take on general planning services and submit plans from a single source.
-Through internal project management, we optimize the planning processes.
-Each project is supervised by a partner as well as a responsible employee.
-We ensure the highest transparency in the cost development and offer the client all possibilities for controlling intervention.
-With us, the budget orientation of the planning already begins with the project development.
-We ensure the highest quality in all phases of the construction process.

Our strategy
-We attach importance to a holistic approach in the implementation of the projects, in the perspectives as well as the standards.
-We emphasize the peculiarities, strengths and distinctiveness of a place.
-Our planning and design always takes into account the interests and wishes of the client and the users.
-We use the competence of the stakeholders, users and residents in the planning process with the help of the entire spectrum of modern communication methods.
-We incorporate ecological findings into the planning, design and execution and thereby develop a high level of sustainability.
-We see landscape architecture, urban planning and environmental planning as a unit.


Dipl.-Ing. M.A. Martin Seebauer, Geschäftsführer
Dipl.-Ing. Karl Wefers, Geschäftsführer
Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Franke, Geschäftsführer

Katharina Auffarth, Andrea Baumeister, Sophie Béjanin, Viktoria Böhm, Ion Costin, Jeannette Crone, Kai Giersberg, Nadin Hamoud, Ludger Hennecke, Nicolas Holt, Tristan Hoppe, Kirsten Klaczynski, Birgit Klimek, Daniel Kuhlemann, Kathrin Mühlfellner, Christian Obermüller, Azin Riahifar, Petra Schimansky, Jonas Schupp, Martina Seebauer, Sabine Seemann, Christoph Skarabis, Martin Steinbrenner, Marion Straach, Barbara Strauch-Franke, Melanie Troes, Michel Weber, Sandra Wegner