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Gardens and parks are stagings
The staging of gardens and parks creates stage sets in which the users - public or private - perform their own play.
The use of a place and its specific character determine our approach to the design of gardens, parks or landscapes.
The structure and form of the existing environment and, of course, the wishes and ideas of the users or clients allow us to act as mediators and transformers between the place and the users.
We see ourselves as a tool to give shape and expression to the conscious and subconscious ideas of the clients or users.
It takes strong and clear concepts to give designed open spaces lasting excitement, expression and meaning.
Our goal is the creation of gardens and parks that touch in an emotional way and yet retain a sustainable, timeless clarity.
Garden styles are therefore of secondary importance to us.
Our goals can be achieved in any style.
Timeliness is in our view not a quality feature, but also not a restriction of quality planning.