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arbos Freiraumplanung GmbH

Günter Greis und Peter Köster

Steindamm 105
20099 Hamburg

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Tel. (040)  28409490
Fax (040)  284094929

Arbos is a community of creative minds. With Peter Köster and Günter Greis in the management, we design and build diverse places of the most varied demands. Our concepts are the results of a constant and appropriate examination of space, needs and requirements. They aim to define places that benefit us as people. Finding suitable solutions, understanding the place and giving people the space.
Founded 28 years ago, arbos has been operating as a limited liability company since 2017.
In the heart of Hamburg, in St. Georg, we focus on open space planning projects in an urban context and urban planning projects throughout Germany. We develop and realize pedestrian zones, square design or parks, as well as educational and care facilities or housing throughout Germany with a high demand on quality. Integrated professional working structures, especially with architects, urban planners, traffic planners and the clients are an essential part of our working methodology.


Simon Altvater, Astrid Baumbach, Sara Dahlheimer, Astrid Diethelm,Janina Grandt, Janina Heyer, Franziska Husung, Lars Kollwitz, Simone Kühte, Linda Nack, Susanne Neumann, Josephine von Rantzau-Mothelesi, Frank Schendel, Katharina Schinkel, Claudia Schröder, Hanna Siuts, Denis Trax, Christian Wagner,Sophia Waldbauer, Jingyi Zhang