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baldauf + große freie Garten- und Landschaftsarchitekten GbR

Simone Baldauf-Hammill / Ulrich Große

Luruper Chaussee 125
22761 Hamburg

Contact information

Tel. (040)  646 66 16-40
Fax (040)  646 66 16-49

With passion we design outdoor facilities:

Schoolyards, playgrounds, parks, skate and parkour facilities, city squares, beach promenades, retirement homes, sports fields, outdoor pools, home gardens, outdoor facilities in housing, office and commercial buildings, kindergartens, churches and cemeteries, measures in the open landscape such as compensation measures and renaturation, as well as in the settlement area such as parking lots, roadside greenery and rainwater retention basins.

As landscape architects with many years of experience, we are available to private and public clients for new construction and modernization projects in northern Germany, from design to approval and implementation planning and construction supervision to commissioning.

We look forward to your project!
Main focus

The main focus of our work is in the field of object and open space planning with processing of all service phases of the HOAI. You can find more information on the HOAI, for example, at

In particular:

- Schoolyards
- Playgrounds / parks
- Outdoor facilities of apartment buildings
- Outdoor facilities of churches, kindergartens and day care centers
- Sports fields (type A to C)
- Home gardens
- Open spaces in industrial areas
- Roadside greenery

Furthermore, we also plan measures in the open landscape (compensation measures, renaturation, rainwater retention basins, etc.) in cooperation with an experienced landscape planner.)


Personal support by one of the partners from the first sketch to completion

- On-time handover to the client
- Responsible handling of private and public funds
- Assertiveness and adaptability in cooperation with structural architects.
- Experience in the coordination of various trades on large construction projects
- Citizen participation and control of planning processes while weighing the wishes brought in according to
economic, technical and design aspects

Design principle

For us, the first priority is the person with his needs, wishes and proportions - not the design, not the trend.

The benchmark for our planning is you.

You specify the functional use and the financial framework with your wishes and needs. We link these requirements with the local conditions, the possible ecological aspects, our expertise and develop with creative ideas a holistic, aesthetic planning. In doing so, we divide the outdoor area into proportional spaces and design them taking into account your preferences.

Through intensive support from planning to completion, individual outdoor spaces for well-being are created, which reflect your "personal touch", with which you identify and which give you pleasure. By taking into account your options for subsequent maintenance, this creates a free space that will stand the test of time in long-term use.